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• Transmissions

• Radiator

• Air Conditioning

• Alternators

• Clutch

• Timing Belt

• Steering alignment

• Engine Tuning

• Emissions / Smog Repair

• Overheating

• Electrical

• Starters

• Water Pumps


• Oil change

• Fluids change

• Tire rotation / Tires

• Tune ups

• Fuel Injection

• Check engine light

• Belt and hoses replacement

• Detailing

• Fuel Injection

• Alignments

• Shocks / Struts

• Air Filters

• Computer Diagnostic

Texas Mobile Mechanics is a company unlike anything else. When your vehicle needs an auto repair due to wear and tear you would normally go to an auto repair shop. There the shop will charge you a large bill which includes a diagnosis, parts, labor, overhead, etc. With Texas Mobile Mechanics all you ever pay for are the parts and a discount on labor! As a mobie mechanic service all the labor is serviced at your home or anywhere you like for your convenience, no more waiting at the shop taking valuable time off your schedule!

We match dealerships Qualities & Warranties!

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